homemade chipotle

 This is a great recipe. :) I added guac–because if there’s no homemade guac, it’s just lame. Right before you eat, smash an avocado. Add a splash of fresh lime, sea salt, and pepper to taste!

Yes, that was my bowl (with brown rice).

Yes, I ate it all.

One more thing before I shower and head to bed:

I juiced all of this for “dessert”. For some reason, I’m kind of over green smoothies at the moment. But green juice? MMMM.

Green Juice

1 green apple, 3 carrots, a whole lemon (no peel), 1 c. kale, 1 c. spinach, 1 c. parsley. All organic except the lemon, since I peel it.

  1. Becky g said:

    I made these tonight and it was a big hit!!! Soo good. I made the rice in my rice steamer which worked so well. The Goertzens say thank you!
    I made the eating well cobb salad last month for a lunch with my coworkers. Everyone loved it!! Although after “eating well”, I served molten lava cakes with a little vanilla ice cream!!

    • So glad you liked them! And those molten lava cakes…thinkin I need your recipe for those!

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